Innovation consulting for revenue and growth

Future thinking. Future proofing.

The pace of change is faster than ever before.

Your challenge is to stay ahead of that change – to focus on your customer and lead your market.

room44 is an innovation consultancy that specialises in revealing trends and exploring new market opportunities.

Together, we generate the ideas that will direct your innovation strategy and future-proof your business.

Future Forecasting

Design Thinking begins with the customer. Knowing what is about to happen, what is likely to happen and what could happen are all informed by insight.

We combine new tools like artificial intelligence and data tagging with more traditional methods, to produce revelatory insight. Then we create believable views of your customers’ futures – and yours.

Scenarios Planning

Creating views of your future markets allows us to plan scenarios with you.

Together, we’ll build product solutions to meet future need and to draw a line back to where you are now.

This is where the magic happens, by taking your new vision and making it real for you and your teams today.

Innovation Strategy

Knowing where your company is headed gives the whole team a vision. It clarifies what needs to be done and – importantly – what doesn’t.

Being able to focus on what is critical, with the confidence that your whole team is pulling in the same direction, comes from having an effective strategy in place.

Coaching & Mentoring

Through all our engagements we work collaboratively with you. We encourage you to learn methods developed over years of practice.

We’ll be available for as long as you need us, but we know from experience that our process gives you the tools to keep moving forward independently.

CEOs are kept awake at night knowing that they don’t do enough around innovation. Getting an external facilitator in, such as room44, enables you to make rapid progress.

I absolutely endorse room44.

Martin Brock, Director of Suppliers – SalesOut

This week I was talking with an energy company about our longer term vision.

I created a vision summary to help explain what we are about. I am in no doubt that without your recent workshop this would have been a much more painful and tentative process.

Jason Tisdall, CEO – Fuel Included

Innovation-led companies survive and thrive in changing markets. Will you?

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Your team can only win for four years.

But companies who get really good, really quickly, can save themselves by introducing new people to the team. There’s a shift in the dynamic and they move on to differently better things.

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