Product innovation strategies for revenue and growth. 

Future thinking. Future proofing.

Launch, diversify and extend the lifecycle of your products and services.

Is it your job to launch the next must-have product in your sector? Are you trying to stop a best-seller going under in the face of fierce competition?

room44’s data-driven approach reveals hidden trends and new opportunities to help you create high-performing, sustainable product strategies. The result?

A strategic vision that is actionable in the short, medium and longer term – increasing revenue, promoting growth and encouraging brand tenacity.

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Training & Mentoring

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Future Forecasting

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Scenarios Planning

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Innovation Strategy

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Upcoming Workshops

Half-day workshop

Spotting trends and signals: Seeing things differently

Milton Keynes: 12 December  2018

Half-day workshop

Design Thinking – Focus on transformation

Milton Keynes: 12 December 2018

Half-day workshop

Making innovation stick: a culture of change

Milton Keynes: 13 December 2018

Full-day workshop

Trend capture and Design Thinking in one day

Milton Keynes: 14 December 2018

Rant alert: no, we won’t work for nothing.

Rant alert: no, we won’t work for nothing.

Times are tough and nothing is as it was, so it’s understandable that brands are taking a long, hard look at what they do next. We get that. But when you write to us, or occasionally call, to say, ‘We’re planning an ideation session/hackathon/creative competition and...

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room44 fully charges Milton Keynes with eCargo bikes.

room44 fully charges Milton Keynes with eCargo bikes.

At the start of 2020, room44 had made the decision to diversify into a business segment that our trend analysis identified as growing. As things turned out, we were right for more reasons that we could have imagined. room44 is delighted to be able to develop ideas for...

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The future with a plan is not only possible, it’s better.

The future with a plan is not only possible, it’s better.

The next few months are impossible to predict and therefore difficult to plan, so think different. Blend specialism with generalism. When I got my first job, the first thing my bank did was send me a credit card: instant debt. So I started to run my finances like many...

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