Are you insurgent or RESURGENT? Which do you want to be?

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Is your market in decline? Resurgent innovation is your ticket out.

Last week I wrote about the challenges that face incumbent businesses in a market place where technology led start-ups are insurgent and can steal your revenue without carrying your overhead.

I also wrote that established business shouldn’t see itself as the natural prey in this scenario. You’re the target, but you’re also protected. You’ve got customers, revenue, profit to re-invest and people who know the market in detail. Look at it this way and you shouldn’t feel threatened.

We know an investor loves a punt, so there’ll always be somebody snapping at your heels. The language of start-ups today is aggressive: it assumes that, because you have a market position, you’re there to be taken. Indeed, you may trade on an old idea.

But just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s over.

Online may take away from some professional services. Virtual may take away from physical. Digital may take away from personal. The point is, you have the business today, and it’s always been easier to keep it than to grow it from scratch.

So, we want to put a fire back in your belly and add a new word to the innovator’s lexicon. Let the underfunded start-ups be disruptive. Watch investor-funded emerging technology tip its money into the black hole they call ‘insurgent’.

Here is the chance for established business to push back and be RESURGENT. A bit like the tide – you just can’t stop it when it turns. This is the mindset that business must adopt. Stop feeling like the world’s working against you, and start using the tools that you’ve been given.

Innovation will lead you away from the looming shadow of emerging technology and unspecified threat.

If you want to know how we can help you do that; get in touch. I’ll answer you personally.

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