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We like to describe ourselves as an innovation collective. We’re a small core team with a network of specialist colleagues who we engage to work on relevant projects.

An effective innovation strategy sits at the heart of every successful business. We work internally and collaboratively with businesses to generate innovative ideas that direct both strategy and product development.

About you

Innovation strategy. Already we feel your pain.

If you’re like a lot of our clients, you’re sitting at the end of the meeting table listening to your team discuss Adwords, digital strategy and website conversion rates, and really all you want to know is how to keep your products relevant, continuously improving and selling.

This is what we do at room44.

Our job is to give you an advantage – to know what consumers will be looking for before your competition does. With over 50 years’ experience, our core team has helped major brands to read the signs of change and future-proof their bottom lines.

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Innovation can be a hard thing to sell internally: the future always seems so far away. Telling shareholders that their business needs to change to survive and thrive sounds expensive and alarming. That’s why every company needs an innovation strategy that will clarify and justify its view of future markets.

Tristan Allen, Founder and Partner of room44

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