An offer that only comes along when you least have time for it and exactly when you need it.

Man, arm, water, sinking


You’re all getting ready for the Christmas holiday (except retailers, delivery drivers, passive income-ers…) and the FD/CFO issues the second knock-back that will turn the annual budget pitch-fest into a fist fight, just in time for the Christmas party. Happy days.

Quarter 4 is busy. Everybody’s chasing a year-end target and management is fixated on what comes next. Except – are they? Not often at this time of year.

Here’s what we hear: they say ‘innovation’, but what they mean is, ‘chase that customer that’s been difficult to convert for years’. They say ‘innovation’, but they mean a new pack design.

Looking to 2019

Listen, it’s December. You may have some budget to plan into a project so that it’s been booked this year. You know that 2019 is going to be tough – maybe unprecedented.

So now is the time to plan to be different. If you want to invest in something meaningful that will deliver a tangible ROI, immediately – now is the time to talk.

Here’s why.

Innovation and innovation strategy are those things often talked about but hard to describe, so here’s a new idea: let us define them.

The outputs from a modest investment in external moderation can be described explicitly. Get in touch now and I’ll tell you what to expect from us, what we expect from you, and what the benefit will be. I’ll tell you exactly what you’ll get for your money.

The work specification will, of course, meet your precise need, but together, we’ll agree what good looks like before the project begins. And it’ll be clear what you can expect from us: the vision, the plan, the change in staff attitude, the results.

That’s it: an offer that only comes along when you least have time for it and exactly when you need it.

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