Augment yourself


We’re going to let you in on a secret: Artificial Intelligence’s dirty little secret.
AI hasn’t got legs and it won’t march over the hill and steal your job.

More than that, AI is the best friend you haven’t met yet and probably the other half of your brain.

Artificial intelligence is really badly reported, sitting just far enough out of focus that daily papers can write alarmist copy without contradiction.
Probably nearer to the truth is that the innovators in society are getting on with developing applications for the technology so that early adopters can grab at it as soon as Apple launches its first shiny AI enabled thing. That is if you hadn’t noticed that it already has.

Take a look around you. Apple is tracking your heart rate and sodium intake while Amazon is working on tying its warehousing direct to your kitchen with the Echodot. Outside Logistics, the signals are that AI is creeping into our lives – but it isn’t taking our jobs, yet.

In his recent LinkedIn post, Bob Gordon (Why robots will not decimate human jobs) referred to his own book and wrote “…most of the benefits of the digital revolution were over by 2005. Everywhere you look, from corporate offices to check-in desks at doctor, dentist, and veterinarian offices, the equipment on the desks is the same as in 2005, as is most of the software.”
Places automation began to appear are reverting to human control as other humans find ways of outsmarting the machines. A kind of hybrid augmented environment where people are benefitted by machine learning.

The applications for AI are reported by the popular press as being mostly of the kind that will help with the washing. These have lineage back to the Ideal Home of the 1960s. The reality is that the family with the automatic vacuum and lawn mower are in the minority. Frankly, these machines could still use some development. As long as stairs are a barrier to progress, our towns are safe from invasion.

So yes, Hive is here, but is it going to change your light bulbs? Probably not, although it could order them and send someone round to do the job for you.

Intelligent application of artificial intelligence. Innovation justified.

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