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The SME’s lament: the language of change.

There’s an adage that says:
The first generation builds it.
The second generation keeps it.
The third generation loses it.
This is really unfair on the third generation. The probability is that the first and second generations just don’t set the third up for success by changing soon enough.

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What is an innovation audit?

Practically, the room44 innovation audit provides a view of your world that your customers see. Strategically, if you are beginning to think about divestment, investment, or retirement and succession, this will show you how your plans might be helped along.

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Innovation audits with purpose.

Auditing the way your company regards innovation and how it pushes initiatives into the market can be a key indicator of business sustainability.
“Creativity is having new ideas. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt.

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Product trends trending. Competitor confirmation bias.

Please let your creatives create without barriers.
The end of year result should have been underwritten long before Q3.
The innovation forecast has more veracity if it features products and services that meet consumer needs that don’t feature in your competition’s line-up.

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