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To innovate fast is not to rush.

To develop an idea and to create a plan that differently meets a new market need, is where we find the roots of strategy and long-term viability, as well as competitive insulation.

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Innovation confuses most people.

So, is innovation confusing? Yes – but only until you work out what it is and who it’s for. Walk into a room with the answer your client is looking for and you can call yourself King Pooba of Love if you want to.

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Nobody dabbles in dentistry.

So you go to a specialist who you trust to do that job. Even if all she does is look in your mouth and tell you everything is OK you always go to the expert.

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Signals of change. Non-fiction as an index.

You must choose between watching your future hurtle towards you, or be your own agent of change. Standing and watching is easiest, of course. It also makes it highly likely that you’ll simply stop being relevant.

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Intrigue sells. It’s time to get exclusive.

Show everything up front and the decision to talk or not is binary; yes or no? Increasingly it’s no.
Show a bit of what’s on offer and a conversation has to start before anything else can happen. It’s time to get exclusive.

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