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room44 diversifies into eBikes – announcement

Business needs to start walking the environmental walk - or riding it. room44 diversifies into eBikes. Leading innovation consultancy room44 is delighted to announce its latest venture: teaming up with, London’s premier eBike specialists, room44...

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You don’t need to worry about emerging trends…

but it depends on how you see it. Perspective comes in many shapes and sizes. Here’s an example: ‘“…I’m overdue for a Donald.” Donald…? “Trump,” she explained. Thank God for that, I thought she meant Duck.’* Two people, two interpretations, one misunderstanding. This...

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Are you planning a 2020 strategy project?

The way ideation works depends on how it is directed. Creativity is best achieved with nurture and new insight. During a room44 ideation session there is a moment when somebody in the room will realise that the ideas on the wall can be started immediately. The "…and...

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10 things you don’t need to know, yet. Or do you?

During project research, we stumble across thousands of facts that can’t be used for that project but are still interesting - maybe we’ll be able to use them one day. Below are just ten examples. Some are fun, some are serious. All of them useful in the right context....

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Should you grow or scale?

When a business gets to a certain size, the next step is, usually to grow it. This is a critical point in a company’s lifecycle when the real question is ‘do we grow or do we scale?’

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