Case study: Altruvita



A second commission to imagine how an idea could look when presented to consumers in the vitamins, minerals and supplements market.

Altruvita asked room44 to position and present its new brand to consumers and to the nutritional advice markets in the UK.

As with other projects in ‘food supplements’ the available and approved claims available are vry limited so an element of graphical representation needed to be employed to convey benefits messages to consumers.

Leading a team that included a dietitian, professor of medicine, nutritionist, graphic designer, regulatory advisors, digital marketing specialists and the manufacturing supply chain, we successfully delivered a new concept in supplementation at a London launch event that we also managed.

The Altruvita range comprises fifteen individual SKUs and promises to be a go-to in the minds of consumers as a result of our continuing engagement with this enthusiastic client and their insistence that everything their asset says and does is entirely evidence-based.