Case Study: Fuel Included

Fuel Included case study image - BMW electric car


Fuel Included (FI) was exclusively a retail broker of electric vehicles when the company submitted to a room44 Design Sprint. A market analysis of the customer VP brought into focus a range of adjacent market options for consideration.

In two weeks, we had established a long-range strategic end point for FI that extended its immediate reach into home storage solutions for sustainably-produced electricity. We produced a road map of small step developments that will exploit emerging technologies as the market begins to accept the concepts.

For a small company, being a prepared fast-follower is a viable option.

An endorsement video by FI’s CEO, Jason Tisdall can be seen here.

After we ran the 44Sprint with Jason and his colleagues, he said “This week I was talking with an energy company about our longer term vision. I created a vision summary to help explain what we are about. I am in no doubt that without your recent workshop this would have been a much more painful and tentative process.”