Climb the rope and ring the bell to win a prize.


Innovation is really, really simple and really, really hard.

The hardest part of innovation might be to know which of a hundred great ideas to invest in. And then you have to justify your decision. Why invest in this thing over that thing? Why risk anything at all?

Calculating the risk relies on insight, insight, and more insight. We call it future thinking. You might call it scenarios planning or market mapping. Either way, how we anticipate future market development is what sets us apart and it isn’t always a comfortable ride.

We don’t believe in “It’ll all be OK in the end” or “Tomorrow’s another day”. Knowing more than the competition is possible now. Big Data is being gathered all over the place. Some of it is being used, but often it isn’t. If you can expose trends from the data, you can own future market space. And that future doesn’t need to be very far away.

Innovation demands that somebody takes the initial step towards a vision and has the courage and energy to commit.

Knowing why is critical and that’s where we come in. Innovation justified

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Theodore Levitt.

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