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New ways of working.


room44 is committed to embedding Design Thinking principles in all its projects.

Work with us, and your team will learn how to think disruptively and work more efficiently. We encourage you to learn methods developed over years of practice.

We will challenge what you do today and open up different views of your future by changing the way you think about it. And we know from experience that our method gives you the tools to keep moving forward independently.


Through all our engagements we work collaboratively with you. We’re available to talk regularly or occasionally as a sounding board for your latest thinking.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have different answers. And we guarantee you’ll gain a new perspective on your challenges.

Keynote Speaking

room44’s Tristan Allen regularly speaks on future-proofing, future innovation and innovation techniques. Skilled in seeing both the ‘blindingly obvious’ and the not so obvious, his delivery is authoritative and entertaining. He has helped many companies to answer that difficult question from shareholders: what are you doing about it?

Highly recommended as a keynote speaker, Tristan can be relied on to stretch thinking and focus on consumer outcomes.


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Innovation-led companies survive and thrive in changing markets. Will you?

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Innovation doesn’t happen by accident.

The way we help people like you to innovate is to shine a light on new opportunities. The metaphor is that, while you might be looking for your keys under the lamppost, we’ll get a torch and find them in the bushes.

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Plastic packaging. Who is responsible for innovation?

We’re looking at the plastic packaging industry, at the moment. We know we can make a consumer-facing difference here but, to be honest, it’s a hard nut to crack. Because nobody wants to take the leap in case they have a price to pay, all parts of the supply chain struggle with recovering the costs associated with change and that raises the question, who is responsible for innovation?

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