David is a COO with a problem. David’s CEO wants to innovate.

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David got a call from his CEO. Having been to an innovation forum, she wants to introduce a programme of innovation. Where to start?

The company’s not short of good ideas. They have people visiting trade shows all the time. David goes to networking meetings at least once a fortnight and has even been to trend presentations himself.

So, why does David have a problem?

It’s not that he doesn’t believe the company can innovate. But which idea should he recommend they invest in?

The Sales Director isn’t that interested in innovation, until it turns into something that can sit in a sales plan. The CFO is reluctant to discuss innovation: it’s a term that means different things to different people and, after all, the budget is assigned for this year. The Marketing team is buried in trade marketing and can’t get involved.

This could go badly for David

David doesn’t want to be the one to make a silly suggestion. Board meetings are already busy and future investment can’t take priority with the way things are: the exchange rate; Brexit; technology racing away; new competitors disrupting trading agreements; the CRM update; the pressure on costs. If they take their eye off the ball, anything could happen.

David looks around and begins to see who is out there that might help. He comes across a company called room44 that publishes blogs every week about all kinds of interesting aspects of innovation. There are hundreds of articles on their website, and they seem well-established. Their client list is impressive too.

David finds trusted support

David calls them up and, suddenly, he feels as if he’s found someone who understands, not only the need for innovation, but also how to choose the best option, now.

Be like David

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