Deep web vs your web.


Filtered views of your world are a fact of life. You open a right-wing newspaper and you get a right-wing view of the world. Search for conflict in Syria in your web browser and your next search for mustard seeds might throw a googly at you and give you mustard gas.

You can see why this happens. If your thought process had made that leap you’d account for it mentally and move on. Because Google does it we get indignant and claim some kind of thought control.

Artificial intelligence grows daily in its influence over everything we do. Don’t even think about fighting it. It’s happening. How you respond in life and business is up to you.

Take a passive attitude and allow yourself to be nudged along by the machine and, actually, you may enjoy the ride.

Want to be a free thinker? Take responsibility and buy a different paper. If you want to make a different mark on your world, be different. How do we do this?

It’s true that the surface web we use to inform our lives offers a filtered view. It’s no different to asking your dad for an opinion. You are allowed to disagree.

Uniquely today there is an alternative – but there is a problem.

Analogy: You’re standing on a shoreline of a lake and want a glass of water. Where do you take the water from? The muddy shore where you are standing? The bottom out in the middle where you’ll get weed and a fish too, or way over on the other side where the bears do what bears do?

Maybe the best thing is to take the whole lake and filter all the water into buckets and take another look.

This is your alternative today. Rely on standard search engines at your peril. It’s estimated that, below the surface of the web where you’d normally take a glass from, there is over 500 times more information waiting to be accessed. Of course you can’t possibly filter it all yourself, so you need help.

As a collective, room44 has got good at this. Working with people who know their way around the deep web and can apply AI means we can provide complex search results in buckets. We reveal signposts to future consumer need and this has huge value to innovation.

The deep web is where we find the nuggets (another analogy, sorry). The glittering sparks of insight that open up new thinking.

Innovation strategy done in this way presents new views of radical product and service horizons. They are informed by data and have roots in knowledge that predicts future market and consumer behaviours.

Does it remove risk? No, not completely. The final decisions you make for your business based on any data sets can still be wrong. But the probability of commercial success can be greatly enhanced.

Drop us a line at and let’s see how we can help each other.