Your filtered reality


The point in time that we made a decision has an impact on everything we do.
In terms of innovation strategy, this simple insight justifies constant review. Review and challenge are essential to make sure we keep our actions relevant to today and tomorrow and not to a point in history.
Switch thoughts. In 2011, Eli Pariser made a plea on Ted Talks that we be aware of the algorithmic filters influencing what we individually see from our web search. 
If you have a history of looking at cat pictures you’ll see a different set of results to someone who has an interest in deep sea fishing or skeet shooting. Obvious? Worrying?
If these two people are market researchers the recommended outcomes are very different.
You’re paying for that.
In 2016 the filters that Google etc apply to each of us may be concerning. But the concept of augmented reality relies on the algorithms that nudge us into doing things that we may not have considered. Filters working with us, on us and for us.
Kevin Kelly postulates that the ‘augmented me’ could be helped to find our one true area of brilliance. Would Chopin have been the composer he was if he’d never stumbled across a piano?
Between 2011 and today so much has changed. The point on the timeline is important. 
Establishing a position based on what you know today and sticking with it is a risky strategy.
Today is when you know the least about anything.

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