Future Forecasting

Design Thinking begins with your customers.

Future forecasting is knowing what is about to happen, what is likely to happen and what could happen. All of this is informed by insight. We start with you.

Your teams already have a richness of understanding that is vital to the process. Couple this with data-tagging technology that mines the hidden data in your own systems, and we can show you new views of your business.

We can also exploit harvesting tools like cognitive artificial intelligence to access the deep web. Revelatory insight from these sources helps us build believable views of your future.

How we gather insight

We start with you

We start with your team, by releasing the learning that key staff have accumulated while they’ve been with you, and even before they came to you.

Your hidden data

Your database hides a wealth of information that can be repurposed for today’s need.

New technology means we can review trends that only you recorded, and release new value from your earlier investment.

Surface web

This is the internet that we can all see: you and your competition.

Viewed from a different perspective, we use it to push your creativity to a new level.

Deep web

Today’s algorithms allow specialists to mine the internet in new ways. The deep web offers a huge source of knowledge and insight, but can be hard to access meaningfully.

room44‘s specialist providers use this data to reveal new and disruptive views of your markets and consumer trends.

Any one of these could be enough to provide an invaluable view of what you know and need to know, showing you emerging trends that will affect your customers and your business. Used together, these sources can be truly revelatory.

The room44 Sprint

room44 Sprint will change your perception of what you do and what the market will want you to do in the future.

It’s a quick and cost-effective way of testing the Design Thinking water before you jump in.

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