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A quick and effective way of testing the Design Thinking water.

The 44Sprint is a great way to achieve an overview of your strengths and weaknesses. In five days, we will change your perception of what you do and what the market will want you to do in the future.

We’ll look at how your team sees the future too. By talking to them (and really listening), and collating what we hear, we can help you think through the insight we’ve released.

We often unearth nuggets of insight that sit in the ‘why didn’t we know this earlier’ or ‘that’s a bit obvious now you’ve said it’ category. But the real value to your business is to know what has to happen next. It could be more market investigation, a product re-positioning or a new product design – whatever the outcome, room44 will always deliver visibility of growth opportunities.

After all, future thinking is what we do.

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