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A quick and effective way of testing the Design Thinking water.

The 44Sprint is a five-day process that will give you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses. 

We’ll talk to your team (and really listen), focusing on how they see the future. We’ll collate what we hear, and help you consider the insight we’ve released. 

We often hear, ‘why didn’t we know this earlier’, or ‘that’s a bit obvious now you’ve said it’. But the real value to your business is to focus on what has to happen next. It could be more market investigation, a brand reposition or a new product design – whatever the outcome, room44 will always deliver visibility of growth opportunities.

We’ll change your perception of what you do and what your market will want from you in the future.

After all, future thinking is what we do.

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Innovation-led companies survive and thrive in changing markets. Will you?

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Can innovation and fit work together?

Across your team, you’ve got classical training, industry knowledge, regulatory awareness, ethical rigour and a list of contacts that everybody around the board table brought with them. But outside the boardroom, where your clients live, you’ve got emerging technology, insurgent competition, start-up mindsets and new brand owners with a consumer-focused obsession. This is your marketplace, but you probably don’t see it like this – yet.

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How sustainable is your innovation?

While we have a multiplicity of choice in all digital markets, pricing is a competitive equation. In new markets, the value of a product is usually higher and then finds a lower level as more options become available. Scarcity costs more.

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