How’s your product pipeline looking?


How’s your product pipeline looking? Would it benefit from a health check?

room44 uses intelligent interpretation of market data and innovative insight to review your development plans.

Take a look at these mega and macro trends, gleaned from a variety of sources: how do they make your product plans look?

  • Average company life expectancy is 18 years
  • By 2027, 75% of the S&P500 will have been replaced by companies we haven’t heard of yet (as at 2013)
  • Mobile phones won’t be in common use by 2024
  • 30% of the world population will be in water scarcity by 2025
  • Before the end of this decade, AI will augment everybody’s lives and non-compliance will be the alternative response
  • Cryptocurrencies will be mainstream…
  • Most new cars will be self-navigating before the end of this decade
  • Resource time in post drops to below 2 years
  • The over-65 age group is outgrowing all other age demographics globally.

This is a small selection of the indicators we see and these are the kind of market predictions that should be affecting your strategic planning.

Product success relies on knowing how your consumers will judge your offering, this year, next year or even further out. Scenarios Planning from room44 helps ensure your product positioning is future-ready – ahead of the competition.

If these thoughts begin to shed any doubt on your product positioning and development plans beyond the next 12 months, we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Future thinking; it’s what we do at room44.

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