The room44 Innovation Audit

How prepared are you for the future?

At room44, we know that you know things might need to change. And we know that justifying change is tough.

Selling an innovation idea into your company can be fraught with risk.

That’s why we offer an independent and objective perspective on what you do.

The room44 Innovation Audit inspects 4 parameters of your business against 4 metrics.


What is the probability of disruption in your market?

Who are the likely insurgent candidates?

What needs to change for you?

How easily can you react, using the resources you already have?


How feasible is this?

Will regulation support it?

Will it sell?

If it won’t sell now, when could it?

The result?

An informed and carefully considered view of your short, medium and long term (Horizon 1, 2 & 3) market-facing prospects.

Our report will inform your product and service planning, and justify the change you need to make.

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