Innovation just got better informed.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), with all its sci-fi connotations, is viewed with suspicion in some quarters. It’s seen as a ‘new’ development, yet it’s already here. It nudges us to change our behaviour on a daily basis. Your favourite websites all use it: think of the ‘you may also like’ prompts at the checkout.

Even though AI may be seen as a threat, it also represents an opportunity for early adopters. Room44 is already helping clients build innovation strategies for future customer needs. And AI is helping us do it.

Working with our deep web analytics partner, we can reveal insight from a data source that has never been accessed before. The deep web allows us to anticipate market behaviours beyond our normal frames of reference and this is very exciting.

When AI is combined with human intelligence to analyse and interpret data output, the hybrid view is extraordinary. And the process helps refine the AI capability, so it is constantly evolving.

But there’s another set of data, available to every company, that’s mostly filed away and forgotten in your Brand Managers’ folders: market research.

Using AI to repurpose this data set, we can release value from your forgotten investment. The combination of insights provided by the surface web, the more radical deep web analysis and your own archived data is revelatory. What’s more, it’s specific to your business.

Before, you had to build your plan for the future with the same information as your competitors. Not anymore. Now Room44 can map your future using your own unique data.

Intelligent use of artificial intelligence.

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