room44 CRiTT Test

Timing is everything.

Ideas thrive when they meet their moment. Product and service innovations can be too early or too late to appeal to consumers and succeed in the marketplace.

room44’s CRiTT Test explores feasibility and timing issues, scoring your ideas to provide validation and direction. We will help you plan an innovation strategy framework, so that your team can see what’s happening and in what order.

We’ll establish scoring criteria across four parameters:

Commercial factors: will it sell?

Regulatory control: are you allowed to sell it?

Technical feasibility: is it possible – and if not, what’s the solution?

Timing: when will the market be ready for it?

A side-by-side view of your scored ideas plots a roadmap to your strategic endpoint. The result is a clear, justified, well-timed and robust innovation strategy that you can confidently present to your business.

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Is innovation always digital? No. Simple sells.

If a consumer need changes, solutions are available and, if you haven’t heard this before, you heard it here first: Simple sells.
If doing the right thing is what you want to be known for – good job.
If your CEO is fixated on going digital, enjoy the journey.

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Is your business innovation strategy circular or cyclical?

The words we choose to describe an activity change because somebody feels a need to redefine themselves. Maybe they’ve pivoted into a different area of interest, or want to distance themselves from something. In any event, it’s called ‘Communication’. It reflects an activity called Positioning and we used to call it all Marketing.

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