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When we talk about innovation, it’s important we figure out what the word means to the different people in the room. It depends on outlook, experience and points of reference, as well as professional and personal bias. The same applies to innovation training and to how comfortable you are about wanting to learn more.

When Marketing was still developing as a role, the four Ps meant Place, People, Price and Promotion. These were the buttons to press, if you wanted to persuade a customer to buy your thing. Marketers also developed an understanding of segmentation, and the realisation that marketing couldn’t talk to everybody at once – if you’re in the market for pants, for example, words that describe a car probably won’t do it for you.

Today, the markets you work in are different from the days of marketing pioneers like the Mad Men, and language has evolved. So has the audience.

When room44 delivers innovation training, it’s just as important for us to know who we are dealing with. Workshops and client projects always involve a lot of background research. A workshop for a team from a single company allows us to investigate the specific issues they face. In contrast, an open training workshop might see confectionery brand owners sitting between a firm of solicitors and senior plastics packaging managers.

We adapt the day, so that everybody can learn the process of innovation. This is where delegates bring their own perspective. Their own experience and business conditions add context so, for them, the workshop is personalised.

Revealing how to introduce innovation to a business is why we’re there. Experience, hurdles and organisational issues stay with the individual, unless they see benefit in sharing with the room. Often, challenges are common across industry sectors and conversations spark a moment of realisation. Alliances are born right there.

But there are times when people just want to work alone, quietly and thoughtfully. So, we’ve developed an email-based innovation course. It’s a once-a-day series of 30 emails that provide you with some direction, insight and a daily task. You apply your own context and timeline, we send the material for you to work through.

Emails arrive in your inbox overnight, so when you get up there’s a new piece of insight waiting. Each one takes about 10 minutes to read, and you can consider the exercise in your head all day long, or knock out an answer in 20 minutes. It’s up to you.

You can work on the tasks at your own pace and even set the regularity. Want an email a day for 30 days? No problem. Want an email just on week days? It’s done. Got a holiday coming up? Just put the course on hold and come back to it.

There are three modules that follow the structure of our open training workshops:

  • Spotting trends and signals: seeing things differently
  • Design Thinking – focus on transformation
  • Making innovation stick: a culture of change

At the end of each module, we’ll invite you to a call so we can chat through your work to date. If you’ve stretched a module from 10 days to 30, it doesn’t matter, we’ll arrange a day and a time to suit.

The idea came from listening to people tell us they are time-poor. They can’t get away from the office, but innovation is still important to them. Here’s their solution. And yours. You bring the personal and the business needs. We bring the method. We work it out together.

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