Innovation starts with a workshop.

Here’s a taster of the workshops we deliver. Upcoming workshop dates are listed on the individual product pages. Please click through for more information.

Half-day workshop

Spotting trends and signals: Seeing things differently

Learn how different trends – Mega, Macro, Consumer and Passing – combine to build a picture of the market conditions into which your new product or service will launch.

It starts with knowing how to interpret signals from the market, and how to join the dots to inform your own developed strategy.

Half-day workshop

Design Thinking – Focus on transformation

Take a dive into the power of Design Thinking. We’ll explain the essential features of consumer-centric design, with relevant and stimulating case studies.

Experience and logic tells you that you should be acting differently as your markets change, and yet you probably commit over 90% of your resource to doing the same things you did last year.

This is the break you’ve been looking for: to step away from your everyday responsibilities and invest 10% of your week into a new way of working.


Half-day workshop

Making innovation stick: a culture of change

Being the catalyst for change in your company takes tenacity, energy and skill.

How you present innovation impacts directly on how your colleagues receive it.

This Design Thinking workshop prepares you for the task ahead and equips you to innovate successfully.


Trend capture and Design Thinking in one day

Combine all three sessions of the room44 Design Thinking half-day workshops into a single day.

This workshop will teach you:

  • how Design Thinking can work for you
  • how to implement a culture of trend-spotting
  • how to embed innovation into your organisation
  • how to future-proof your business

Online and switched on

room44’s unique online course

Because you’re busy and may not have the absolute support of everybody around you, we offer a 30-day email innovation workshop.

The programme is designed to give you a ‘light-touch’ explanation of the topics covered in room44’s programme of innovation workshops. Every day for a month we’ll send you new innovation ideas and you can fulfil the brief in as little as 30 minutes a day, or take longer if you have time.

You tell us when to start sending e-mails, how frequently, and when we should book to talk.

The room44 email-based innovation workshop is a great way of testing the innovation and Design Thinking water without breaking into your busy life too much. It leaves you with a new-found approach to your business and your everyday problems.

Think of it as training yourself to be consumer-centric.

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