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Welcome to the new you – an innovative powerhouse that developed over a month without anyone else even noticing.

Book onto the room44 30-day email-based innovation workshop, and you’ll receive an email a day for 30 days with simple instructions to be followed over the course of one month.

The lessons and exercises are broken into chunks, so you can cope with them while working. Depending on your schedule, we can send emails on weekdays only (over 6 weeks) or on 30 consecutive days.

You’re in control. We’ll send emails at the frequency you’ve requested, but you can work through the course at your own pace.

There are three segments to the course, and we’ll be available for 30 minutes to discuss your progress at the end of day 10, 20 and 30.

Segments follow the design of room44’s other workshops:
Design Thinking, Part 1 – Trends and signals: see things differently
Design Thinking, Part 2 – Focus on transformation
Design Thinking, Part 3 – Making it stick: a culture of change

You’ll finish the course with an understanding of:

how to identify useful trends


the differences between mega, macro and consumer trends


how to change focus to consumer-centricity


how to manage embedded attitudes


when to review and how to change your plan appropriately


Duration: One email with a short lesson and exercise instructions every day for 30 days.

Cost: £325 (+ VAT) per person

You tell us when to start sending emails, how frequently and when we should book to talk. It’s an opportunity to train yourself in consumer-centricity.

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    room44 is an innovation consultancy that specialises in revealing trends and exploring new market opportunities. We understand how markets are developing and how to respond, bringing ideas to life and delivering profit through innovation.

    Design Thinking forms the basis for our practice methodology, making us consumer–centric and commercially smart.

    Our team works internally and collaboratively to generate ideas that will direct your innovation strategy and future-proof your business.

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