Knowing the true value of innovation


I almost booked a course today. £75 for a half day of intense tuition. In my part of the world that’s the same price as a parking ticket or a pair of running shoes, almost.

I didn’t book it.

The course date is September so there’s time.

Does anything fill up these days? – not really. Maybe there’s a live stream.

But the truth is that I applied a bit of logic and talked myself out of it. My system one response was “Hell yeah!” My considered response was ‘Meh!”

Why did I hesitate? Because I know what I know and I’m comfortable with that. If I go on the course and it delivers what it promises I will have to change – possibly everything I do.

Can I afford to take that risk? And it’s a real risk because I’ll need to make time to behave differently and I’m busy running a business.

So the decision, whether it’s conscious or not, is to learn or not. To understand why I must change my world or to plan for a change when it’s necessary or do nothing. The innovation paradox was ever thus. The rock and the hard place.

If the course delivers what I expect it to I will have invested £75 and half a day to be enlightened and to scare myself into a change of strategy.

If I don’t go on the course I can sit back and do what I do, comfortably.

I booked the course.