Mega = micro. This time it’s personal.


We went to a business networking meeting today. I go to reassure myself that these things have their place in my calendar – but not very often.

As usual, we told each other what we do and looked around the room thinking to pick up an occasional new contact.

Today was great. We met a chap transitioning from a lifetime career in the armed forces into the third sector, a new technology investor who works in youth enterprises and a business improvement consultant who admits to frequently getting lost when flying his own plane.

We discussed the timeline around new technology and, at the suggestion that smartphones might succumb to pressure from new and succeeding tech, I was told it was a load of bollocks, by an HR lawyer. I quote “I remember sitting in a room in 2010 and being told that e-mail was dead”.

As a piece of insight, this is brilliant and verifies a number of theories.

  • The Diffusion of Innovation segmentation is alive and well
  • Hindsight is a perfect predictor of what just happened
  • Pick your audience – knowing when to pitch, and to who, matters
  • Customer profiles are changing beyond recognition

The mega trends that we can see developing around us can look a bit scary. It is actually pretty hard to imagine our individual realities being augmented by AI when we don’t know what AI really means. So often AI is confused with robotics and RPA and an explanation would just take too long. Are attention spans shortening? Totally.

That it is inconceivable to consumers today that smartphones might not be a thing of the future informs the concept that a strategic view of our own futures will benefit from a roadmap to take us there. The mission is simply put: understand what your future looks like, open your mind to the opportunities and threats, take counsel on the best reaction to the insight and plan to succeed, accordingly.

Google the “innovation process” and you’ll find more images of PowerPoint slides than you can read in a lifetime so here’s our process.

  • Research the insight – Hybrid AI and HI combine to reveal unique insight to produce unique datasets
  • Interpret – Be first to see new futures. Begin to see new unmet needs
  • Innovate – Ideate, tear concepts apart, rebuild, combine, condense, start over
  • Select – Score and rate comparatively
  • Evaluate – Does it satisfy the customer need: now, tomorrow, next year…?
  • Plan and launch – Plan the route to market
  • Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Repeat