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What will your company be doing in two years’ time, three years’ time, four years’ time? How will you do business in a world that doesn’t rely on smartphones, where disease can be self-diagnosed, where cars don’t burn petrol or diesel and where crypto is a proper currency?


Most companies say they have a five-year strategy, which often means a one-year cash-flow plan with little specificity beyond that.


room44 is a qualified and experienced partner in developing innovation strategies.

To inform those strategies, we start by reading emerging markets, tech and trends. We talk to you first about what you know/think/believe, and we always work collaboratively – never in isolation.

Then we build models – innovation scenarios – and lead you through possible future options and a rating process.


Our objective is to leave you with an innovation portfolio and a sequence of actions. This gives you an advantage in your marketplace: knowing what consumers will be looking for before your competitors, and often before consumers know themselves.


room44 has recently worked with companies in data management, insurance, pharma, legal services and culture as well as helping a start-up in the electric vehicle segment to position themselves for their market.

Keeping up with a changing market can be a time-efficient activity, once we know where and what you want to be.


Call us on +44 208 144 9800, email or reach out on social media. We’ll be happy to talk detail about how to develop your consumer-centric, innovation-based, future-proofing strategy.

Seeing it differently. Future-proofing. It’s what we do.