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It’s easy, as a business owner, to believe that innovation isn’t your job. Invention, product development, competitiveness, even novelty – but probably not innovation.

In fact, everyone can innovate.

Step back and shake it off

To step back and shake off the pressure of everyday business can seem impossible. As a busy SME operator, you might find the suggestion ridiculous – until it’s not an option and becomes a necessity.

Like you, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we run a business, how it will grow, what we can do to make a step change and keep ahead of the market. Like you, we have issues of resource and cash flow.

We don’t know what we don’t know

We believe, unquestionably, that having a plan that extends to five years (and beyond), that envisages what we’ll look like then, that considers what will be happening in the market to influence what we do, is achievable.

Stepping out of our daily routine and working with somebody else to guide creative thinking works too. External help shines a light on what we don’t know we don’t know. Many times, there are some things we can change, and others we can’t, but why limit the thinking to the short term?

Intellectual investment pays back

Every intellectual investment you make in thinking with an innovative mindset will pay back immediately.

Innovation, per se, is a money shot. It takes time to settle on a great idea that your competition hasn’t had yet, and to get it to market first. But giving yourself regular time and space, so that innovation is even a possibility, is worth every minute.

Once you see things as they could be, not just as they are, the vista opens: the opportunity becomes clearer, the barriers lower and what was just an idea turns into a viable option. Or maybe you just have the idea in the first place.

Here’s an offer:

Let’s call or meet. I’ll ask you three questions and we’ll work out what will make the quickest return on your investment of time, so that you know if ‘innovation’ is what you’ll call whatever you decide to do next.

Before we talk I’ll send you our free guide to “Seeing it differently”.

Here’s the link.

Future thinking. Future-proofing. It’s what we do.


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