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At the risk of repeating myself to regular readers, the secret to being a successful innovator is as simple as climbing a 50ft rope and ringing a bell.

And just like climbing the rope, innovation is really simple to understand and really hard to do.

The answer? Figure out where they’re going and get there first.

First off

Trying to ‘know’ anything about the future is a fool’s errand. If we haven’t learnt that recently, we probably never will.


Working out what you must do to meet a need that hasn’t yet been identified is tough. The best we can do maybe to make an educated guess.

Anyone’s best guess may be the ideas that look like they have the highest probability of succeeding.

That may be 100% more than the competition is doing and, if you don’t stop doing it, some of the time you’ll be right.

How do you start to figure out where your customers are probably going – so you can get there first?

  • Get some help
  • Look for clues
  • Record trends
  • Do it every day/week/month and…
  • get used to thinking about your future

How do we work?

  • We future think
  • We work with you to develop a future-proofing strategy
  • We’re here to help you start to innovate

You can see our VP here and book time to talk here.

It’s that easy.

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