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Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes but even when it’s done well, the problem of resistance to change rears its head. A proven process will help to make innovation stick.

Don’t do that

What you can’t do is expect brilliance from an ideation session without preparation.

It helps to include people in the process of deciding what the change is going to be. Make designing an innovation plan the responsibility of your team, with your endorsement, and it will pay back in many ways – not least in signalling that change is on the way. This helps to make your innovation ideas stick.

Make innovation sticky – step 1

Spotting trends and signals: seeing things differently

It starts with knowing how to interpret signals from the market, and how to join the dots to inform your own developed strategy.

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Make innovation sticky – step 2

Design Thinking – focus on transformation

Experience and logic tells you that you should be acting differently as your markets change, and yet you probably commit over 90% of your resource to doing the same things you did last year.

This is the break you’ve been looking for: to step away from your everyday responsibilities and invest some of your week into a new way of working.

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Make innovation sticky – step 3

Making innovation stick: a culture of change

How you present innovation impacts directly on how your colleagues receive it.

Take a step towards achieving this by bringing your colleagues into the process. There are some simple ways to prepare them for the task ahead.

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Successful innovation launches depend entirely on the processes you engage to make them happen.

Put these steps together and you’re equipped to innovate successfully.

Future-thinking. Future-proofing. It’s what we do.

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