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Meet Soda. She’s going to show you how disruption happens.

Talking to client companies often starts the same way. We see a trend that could be a threat and/or an opportunity and take it to them. The client is too busy with work to worry about a problem they haven’t got yet.

So, we talk over a few things that have happened recently that might have knocked them off-course, and we show how those things started as signals. Recently, the trends that we saw early (because we were looking), which looked like they’d take market share in about five years, have made it to market in eighteen months.

That’s the beauty of looking ahead: you see stuff sooner. If you’re not looking, things take you by surprise. To borrow a line from Ernest Hemingway about how he went bankrupt: “Gradually, then suddenly.”

Now Soda will show you how disruption looks when you’re not keeping an eye on the future.

To learn how Soda and the rest of the room44 team will help you to see and make the most of trends, click here for details of our Programme for Changemakers.

Future thinking. Future-proofing. It’s what we do.

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