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Things are changing online. The magnetic pull of social media is starting to wane, and digital natives are behaving differently.

Have you noticed some of your friends not posting on Facebook as often as they used to?

Sure, they’re reading the news on Twitter but tweeting? Not so much.

If you aren’t looking on Instagram, you won’t see your teenage family and friends. And you’re not invited to their chats anyway, because WhatsApp and Messenger are by invitation only.

Have you seen a decline in advertising by the brands you follow? Probably not. Brands are still so desperate to tell you how great they are that social platforms’ revenue from advertising is holding up nicely.

The ‘by invitation’ nuance is something to watch.

Gaining access to a private conversation is becoming a ‘must have’ in marketing. Being on the inside of a group shows that you are one of us and have a connection that isn’t available to everyone.

Exclusivity equals scarcity, which equals premium. If a consumer can get a social edge by being the first or only customer, they’ll pay for that privilege as long as it lasts.

As an idea, this may not be new, but it is new to this audience, where it’s the norm to have access to everything, all the time. ‘Always on’ is beginning to look a bit old. In fact, if you aren’t always on, where are you? Probably somewhere new and exciting.

Brand scarcity works.

In any event the work goes on. FMCG, pharma, culture, VMS, personal mobility and EVs, law, accountancy… we’re working in and on all of these sectors.

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