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We all procrastinate. It’s time for my lunchtime run, but I’ll just finish working through these emails… The lawn needs mowing, but I think I’ll go for that run I missed at lunchtime… There’s a deck I need to proof-read, but I’ve found a fascinating piece in the latest Courier magazine…

Every day, we have these mundane internal debates and they hinder our productivity, thwart our creativity and impede our ability to plan.

In the Design Thinking process, the front end is where we spend a huge amount of time, to show clients a different view of their world.

Our skill is to reveal emerging trends that don’t sit in their radar, but will definitely affect their business prospects.
This is an example of disruption coming from an adjacent market. Have a look. It may surprise you.

The forward view is so necessary. Without this precrastination and an examination of the whys, ifs and buts, you’re going to keep doing what you do – of course you will. That’s what brings in the money now.

But it isn’t where the revenue will always be. Very soon, your market will suffer turmoil and new competition. If you don’t see it coming, it’ll be ‘sayonara baby’ and back to the LinkedIn Premium Account.

If this kind of thinking can be helpful to you, let’s talk.

Here’s my diary. Book some time.

Future thinking. Future-proofing. It’s what we do.

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