The future in pictures


New technologies are developed every day. How they impact us takes a bit longer to filter through. When the BBC used to show Formula 1, we could hear about car technologies so advanced as to be beyond reach (apologies if you were born after 1984 and are puzzled by the idea of getting your news from the TV). Blink – and fly-by-wire appeared in family saloons. That was when mechanicals and electronics were almost understandable by the weekend mechanic.

So now that Moore’s Law looks like it is being outrun by the pace of change, how do we keep up?

First, get down to the IMAX. If you think that virtual reality isn’t going to bother you or your business, go and get an eyeful of the immersive movie experiences now possible. 3D took the cinema visit to the next level and 4D has taken it up another notch.

In the UK, 10-year-olds are exposed to virtual reality teaching aids: immersive natural history lessons – visit the gorilla kingdom by putting on a headset. Suddenly lessons really do come alive. These are your customers in the mid-term.

Second, look up. Just because you make what you make today, it doesn’t guarantee you a rosy future. If you make tea cups, maybe your next obvious product line is teapots or spoons. Maybe it should be something a bit more radical? Maybe you need to know why.

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