The price and ROI of innovation from room44. Our price structure.


When we work with clients, we tailor every project specification to the client’s need. It’s an obvious thing to say, but apparently not as common as we thought. As unusual, is to reveal the price and ROI of innovation from room44 – our price structure.

It’s fairly common for us to drive the first part of an innovation engagement, because we know how. It’s as common for our work to be the first time our client has had to consider the flow that an innovation project takes.

That said, project structure often follows a proven path: along the lines of Design Thinking. This makes it possible to be transparent about our prices and for you to judge the return on your investment. I’m not sure this is the done thing across the consultancy companies you may have met before, but I can’t think of a reason to hide our rate card.

So, for projects that deliver a defined outcome in a set amount of time, we’ve published our prices. But not here. To see some defined scopes of work please sign up for our mail list here and we’ll send our latest newsletter with full disclosure. 100% opportunity, fixed pricing.

I hope this gives you confidence about talking to room44 and making a real and measurable difference to your innovation prospects.

To make the ROI even better, we’re offering absolutely free forensic calls in February, to explore your current innovation needs and to identify ways of breaking them down into bite-sized pieces. To find out how to book a time slot, sign up for our newsletter here and we’ll be in touch.

Future thinking. Future proofing. It’s what we do.