Business is good and the CEO has inspired people to be proactive. But…

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Business is good and the CEO has inspired people across the company to be proactive. But – there’s always a but – there’s a nagging doubt that they might be missing a trick; missing a signal that things won’t always be so easy – a feeling that the plan doesn’t go quite far enough. This is when clients approach us without really knowing what they want.

room44 is one answer. Let’s not pretend we’re the only answer; I’d be wary of anyone that does. But our work, testimonials, and experience set us apart from the standard expectation of a consultancy.

Working across consumer, health, nutrition, technology, environmental, packaging, manufacturing, logistics for as many years as we have, we’ve seen a thing or two. What stands out, head and shoulders above all else, is that by focusing on end user need, companies can underpin their appeal and commercial success for longer than by simply chasing a revenue figure.

It’s that simple. Do the right thing and the money follows. Chase the money, and you will probably get what you want – but you’ll never get what there is to be had.

The way we differ from the people we pitch against is this: when we run a programme with you, we agree what good looks like before we start. We apply the process known as Design Thinking to your project, and we focus exclusively on innovation. Not on culture. Not on competition. Not on growth targets.

We help your team to focus on why your brand is a part of their customers’ lives, what it can do to become more central to them, and why they should continue to put money in your bank account. It’s a description of value-based pricing that you won’t hear discussed often: we make this thing because we think it’s a good idea for you and you’ll give us money to enjoy the benefit. But how much is it worth to you?

The room44 ethos is also a simple one and is fulfilled when we discuss outcomes after a project is complete. Once we know what needs to be done, it must be communicated across the business. From here, from the moment you declare intent, purpose and direction, you win hearts and minds – and culture changes. ‘Culture’ – that elusive, hard-chased, intangible – becomes a by-product of focusing on your consumer needs and wants.

This may all sound easy when presented like this, but the reality is that it’s both very simple and really hard: like climbing a 50-foot rope and ringing a bell. Try that on your own and see how it goes.

To get the best from your company resource, it’s entirely possible that room44 is your answer. Not the only one you might consider, but the one that will make the difference you need.

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Seeing it differently. Future-proofing. It’s what we do.