There’s no good idea that cannot be improved on with a few links


It’s week one of 2018 and inboxes are FULL of messages from pundits telling us what this year will bring. To quote Michael Eisner, “There’s no good idea that cannot be improved on” – so we’ve picked out just a few links from e-mails we’ve received for you to look at while you plan the year ahead.

All of these links provide a multitude of advice – don’t get lost down the rabbit hole. If you read something that saves you time, great. If it just makes you wonder what the hell to do next, call me.

As Michael Schrage said, “Great companies make change for a living.” Let’s do some of that. The Washington Post via Go Weekly: “Is the outlook for technology in 2018 exciting — or slightly terrifying? Flip a coin. You’d be right either way.” 10 ways tech will shape your life in 2018, for better and worse

Dieter Rams’s design principles get a 21st Century update. Via Co.Design, UX became a weapon, AI posed countless new challenges, and debate erupted over once rock-solid design paradigms. Even some of the industry’s leading lights admitted their revolutionary inventions have serious, unintended consequences. 10 New Principles Of Good Design

“In 2017, the story of cryptocurrencies was actually much larger than any one coin. It was bigger than Bitcoin, which ballooned from $1,000 per coin to around $14,000 by end of year; or Ethereum, which grew over 9,000%; or even Ripple, which bested every competitor with insane 36,000% growth.” How Branding Is Fueling The Cryptocurrency Craze

Honestly, how many ‘You should…’ recommendations can we squeeze into one e-mail? Here are 50 ways to doubt your sanity in 2018: 50 Tough Questions You Never Ask Yourself, But Should.

The strategic endpoints we talk about tend to be in the 2–20-year range. Maybe that’s not enough. This article discusses a different way of looking at plastic as a waste and it really does open up some new avenues of thought. See what you think. Via The Misleading Optimism of Most “Sustainable Design” Projects

And finally, something new. Again from Co.Design. Who knew there were still blues to discover? The 6 Coolest Material Breakthroughs Of 2017

The difference between what you know you know and what you don’t know you don’t know is ‘insight’. Start seeing things differently.

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