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Perspective, prediction, planning

Strategy relies on knowing what is about to happen, what is likely to happen and what could happen. Perspectives that influence how you develop your business aren’t always obvious, so we focus on signals and trends.

Revelatory insight helps us to create a view of business. Your teams already have a richness of understanding that is vital to the process. We start here.

Signals we identify, a from range of sources, allow us to make predictions on the mega and macro influences that will affect your customers and generate views of your business that will excite and stimulate your product development.

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We do this

What if you rate your business performance as 8/10 and it’s actually about to be 2?

  • Is your market shrinking?
  • Are you seeing an increase in competition?
  • What new technologies are in development that consumers may prefer?

An honest appraisal of the mega and macro trends surrounding your business is a useful place to start. room44’s skill in unearthing hidden links between trends will present new product opportunities so you can decide what needs doing next, and next, and next…

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Targeted outcome

Then we map your journey anticipating emerging trends

  • Seeing the same future as competitors
  • Being first to see new futures
  • Seeing a different opportunity than competitors
  • Being able to exploit the opportunity
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We’re collaborators – so we can’t do it alone

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