Trust Design Thinking to work, whatever your industry.


Why should we trust you? How much have you worked in my industry?

Fair question. And how often have you heard an agency admit they have no experience in your industry at all?

Usually, whoever you’re talking to will know somebody they can call to find out. Ask for that person’s name and number, and it won’t often be forthcoming.

At room44, we have no problem telling you we don’t know the answer to your question – yet. Being specialised in innovation is a skill: it’s what we do. We don’t do what you do. We don’t fly planes, but we do fly in them. We don’t make skateboards and bikes, but we do ride them. We’re all consumers.

In actual fact, there’s a really good chance we do know something about your industry but because we don’t make your product and we don’t deliver your service, our method demands that we spend time learning you. We’ll do it damned fast and we’ll see things that you could find difficult to acknowledge. The conversation will get difficult. You may wonder why you invited us in.

This is what we’re here for. To see what you do now, what you could do, and to ask, what’s stopping you? To find the answer to the question – when we’ve agreed what the question should be. And to see your business fro a different angle.

So, if you ask – how much have you worked in my industry? – whether we have or not, it doesn’t matter and it may not even be relevant.  That naivety and lack of bias is our strength. Ask us what we can do for you and the answer is easier.

By taking time to focus on you, we can apply a method, and teach it to you, that will change your perspective on your own business, and of your competitors, forever. That’s how powerful Design Thinking is.

So, no, we don’t have all the answers yet. But invite us in and see how fast that can change.

Future thinking. Future proofing. Innovation justified.

It’s what we do.

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