Innovation Strategy

Product ideas thrive when they meet their moment.

The further ahead we look, the less precise our view of the future can appear. The secret is to review as much data as we can. Data sources like the deep web allow room44 to see signals of things changing.

This application of new analytical tools, combined with human intelligence, provides an immensely powerful ability to predict what your future market could look like. It enables us to lay out your ideas side-by-side with relative and weighted scoring.

Of the new concepts that emerge from this insight, some of them will be immediately relevant, some will need refining, and some will be pushed back to a point in the future when your consumers are ready for them.

This process allows you to decide where your company is heading and what it wants to be, clarifying what needs to be done and – importantly – what doesn’t. A robust strategy provides a focus on what is critical and gets your whole team on board, empowering them all to deliver against the same plan.

As we like to say: innovation justified.

The room44 CRiTT Test

Product and service innovations can be too early or too late to appeal to consumers.

room44’s CRiTT Test explores feasibility and timing issues, scoring your ideas to provide validation and direction.

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Innovation doesn’t happen by accident.

The way we help people like you to innovate is to shine a light on new opportunities. The metaphor is that, while you might be looking for your keys under the lamppost, we’ll get a torch and find them in the bushes.

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