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Intuition and gut feel; what CSuite does best.

In the digital marketing rule book, we are told there are three phases to online marketing: awareness, trust and conversion. It’s the same across your business structure and vertically from bottom to top.

Being noticed isn’t the same as being trusted, but getting an innovation concept through the stage gates means tapping into what becomes a reason to believe.

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Fruit farmers favour raspberry robots

Raspberries There’s a farm in the UK that grows raspberries. It has always had pickers to come in and harvest the crops at the right time, but now it’s working with an automated picker and the results are looking good. The robot does the work of a person, and does it...

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The room44 manifesto.

The constant in all our lives is change.
The question that we must all ask isn’t ‘what’s going to change?’ but ‘what won’t change?’

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Data kills innovation.

To innovate successfully it is essential to apply creativity, intuition and to start believing the signals you see by reading market landscapes.

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Measure your business in dogs.

If you aren’t looking into the future and planning your place in markets as they develop, you may as well wrap it up and sell out now to give someone else a chance of doing better.

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