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Is innovation always digital? No. Simple sells.

If a consumer need changes, solutions are available and, if you haven’t heard this before, you heard it here first: Simple sells.
If doing the right thing is what you want to be known for – good job.
If your CEO is fixated on going digital, enjoy the journey.

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Is your business innovation strategy circular or cyclical?

The words we choose to describe an activity change because somebody feels a need to redefine themselves. Maybe they’ve pivoted into a different area of interest, or want to distance themselves from something. In any event, it’s called ‘Communication’. It reflects an activity called Positioning and we used to call it all Marketing.

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What’s the difference between a headline and a trend?

Maybe we’ll all benefit from a hybrid of efficient delivery of staple items, and the experience of shopping and meeting people too. Trends are important, and it takes an enquiring mind to see past the headline and to where the unmet need is.

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If the trend is clear, is the cause important?

Perspective affects everything we do, including how we allow insight to influence our view of consumer need. A LinkedIn contact recently posted a blog about the tendency of millennials not to buy material goods (houses, cars) in the same way older generations have...

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What is a No Regrets policy?

‘No Regrets’ policies is shorthand for managements’ way of trying to anticipate every possible scenario that could play out in their market.

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Learning to innovate on the job.

I gave a presentation on why we need to innovate and Design Thinking this week to an audience of savvy technical people, running their own businesses in a technological area. And I shared the podium with a couple of other people. One of them gave a really interesting...

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