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Pitching room44

Our objective is to leave you with an innovation portfolio and a sequence of actions. This gives you an advantage in your marketplace: knowing what consumers will be looking for before your competitors, and often before consumers know themselves.

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Your consumer persona must change – or die.

Millennials are a pain in the backside. They dominate the room during ideation sessions, and management teams are fixated on them as the single most important customer segment. So much has been written about the behaviours and preferences of the millennial generation...

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The room44 podcast interview

To hear Tristan describe what room44 does for its clients and why the company is a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster click on the link and plug in for half an hour.

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Innovation is a short game.

There are two kinds of companies – those that are doing well and those that aren’t.
In both cases, the answer is to see your situation differently and give the guys with the money a reason to behave differently too.

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