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Your team can only win for four years.

But companies who get really good, really quickly, can save themselves by introducing new people to the team. There’s a shift in the dynamic and they move on to differently better things.

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Can innovation and fit work together?

Across your team, you’ve got classical training, industry knowledge, regulatory awareness, ethical rigour and a list of contacts that everybody around the board table brought with them. But outside the boardroom, where your clients live, you’ve got emerging technology, insurgent competition, start-up mindsets and new brand owners with a consumer-focused obsession. This is your marketplace, but you probably don’t see it like this – yet.

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How sustainable is your innovation?

While we have a multiplicity of choice in all digital markets, pricing is a competitive equation. In new markets, the value of a product is usually higher and then finds a lower level as more options become available. Scarcity costs more.

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Can writers innovate?

Writing for business has a specific set of needs to meet. Whether I’m trying to explain how different room44 is, or how interesting I might be to talk to, or tell you about a special offer, the fact is that I’m selling. Let’s not dodge it. Everybody is selling, all the time.

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