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Customer Experience. I think I’m the consumer exception.

Let’s be honest, innovation doesn’t interest most companies as much as sales. Companies tend to inspect their future when they’re already seeing a drop in sales because their market moved on without them, or because they are doing really well and need to invest some...

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Innovation benefits when it’s done right.

Knowing that a trend will, unavoidably, hit your top and bottom line isn’t enough. Once you’ve acknowledged that probability, the hardest part is convincing your peers and your management that they should take note of it too.

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What you do 276 times a year, and why you must stop.

Whether you have a desire to change your business attitude to consumers’ and environmental issues, or you simply need to nail a new direction to the wall for everyone to buy into, you may well stumble at the first hurdle – picking exactly what to invest in, out of the noise in your market. Luckily, this is what we do.

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Case study: Altruvita

A second commission to imagine how an idea could look when presented to consumers in the vitamins, minerals and supplements market. Altruvita asked room44 to position and present its new brand to consumers and to the nutritional advice markets in the UK. As with other...

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